75680012Springdale Station is a historic train station moved to East Austin in the 1980’s by Arthur Upshaw Boone. Arthur Boone, a descendent of Daniel Boone, was born in 1921 in Kentucky and passed away in 2008. After fighting in World War II, he moved to Austin to begin a food manufacturing company, Frostex Foods. As his business thrived for nearly four decades, he invested his resources into his passion for trains and built what is now known as Springdale Station in the field next door to his warehouse. The stained glass windows were brought in from a railroad station from Wabash, Indiana and the brass lamps originated from the 1939 Pullman station. The room was divided by a beautiful ticket counter with a wire mesh window and an old money drawer from the I.C. station built in 1917. Outside of the building, sat a railroad crossing signal and a decommissioned rail line covered by an antique awning. Vintage light fixtures were sprinkled around the exterior of the building, and a beautiful historical gem took shape.

75690004Boone sold his business in 1987 and his family later sold the property to local developer in 2003 who aimed to convert the industrial complex into a thriving local business center. The local grassroots businesses that now inhabit the complex include Austin Bouldering Project, Daily Greens, Austin Eastciders, and Dimension Gallery.

Springdale Station is nestled alongside the warehouse, sitting in a beautiful field as if it were a time capsule. Owner Moya McIntyre conceived the idea to breathe life back in to the old relic. She joined forces with the developer to convert the unique train station into a public event venue to be shared with all of Austin. 

In the summer of 2016, Springdale Station opened to the public, as an event venue, a one of a kind space to host parties, receptions, fundraisers, weddings, and community events. 

The historic Pine Street Station was moved from downtown onto the site in July of 2016 and is currently under construction, scheduled to be open in the coming months for additional event space.